Il FORTH ha avuto più di 50 applicazioni di successo in tutti i settori: dall’industria al terziario avanzato, dalla sanità alle ONG, il FORTH diffonde nel mondo la cultura dell’innovazione.

I commenti delle aziende che lo hanno utilizzato:

“FORTH is one of the best and straightforward methods for helping move through the fuzzy front end of discovery.”

Mrs. Del Langer-Anderson

New Product Development, 3M (USA; technology innovator)

 “We were very satisfied to see that the team managed to create proposals both close to our main business as well as stretching far out, which we otherwise would have not done”. 

Mr. Roland Heeger

CTO, Schattdecor (Germany; decor paper market leader)

“I was fortunate to witness many of the sessions that eventually lead to 5 mini-business cases and 3 ideas that we are moving forward with immediately”. 

Mr. Malek Sukkar

CEO, Averda (Dubai; BtB waste management services on 3 continent)